There’s something exhilarating about cornering the market on a new drug. You provide humanity with something to reduce their pain. You offer the m found energy, hope, and love. For a short while, you can be God. You can affect and direct their lives with each new creation. Most importanly, though, you know you’re going to make a killing.

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A corporate thriller

front_page_bookAt the ‘top gun’ Center for Medical Excellence in Portland, Oregon, Dr. John Hawthorn finds himself racing the clock to achieve success as his own father suffers from the latter stages of Alzheimer’s. Though his condition worsens with each passing day, a ray of hope looms on the horizon. Dr. Mason Shane, Hawthorn’s closest colleague, holds the key to a monumental discovery that could potentially cure Hawthorn’s father and most mental disease. Using an enzyme found only in the hearts of a rare South American frog, Mason has developed a revolutionary therapy that maps the human brain to rebuild memory and accelerate learning. In eight short days, the International Conservation Consortium will meet to grant limited medical access rights to this endangered amphibian. With two patients dead and a barrage of mysterious blackouts, Mason is caught in a whirlwind of controversy that could potentially ruin the discovery and his brilliant career.

Also in need of this enzyme is Randy Edmonds, the aggressive CEO of a fast-growing, cutting-edge biotech based in Seattle. For the past few months his company, Geniomics, has held the international spotlight for the world’s first ever, cure for common cold; a drug that signifies a new era of programmable medicine. Edmonds has bet billions in irreversible investments and sharing the enzyme will most certainly cripple Geniomics as an industry power. Worse still, the final batches of clinical data are exceeding the FDA’s specification. Time is running out.

For Geniomics, Mason is all that stands between them and industry domination. For Hawthorn, Mason represents the only hope to saving his father, his career, and stopping the Geniomics’ machine from poisoning the world.

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