About Kirch P. Andrews

as a babyI was born in 1970 in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. My parents grew up poor and I middle class. I am half-Hispanic and half-German. I root for underdogs and compete with fierce determination in whatever I do. I believe in equality and integrity as foundations for engaging humanity. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 1993 and from the University of Texas at Austin with an MBA in 1996. I spent five years at Dell Computer innovating new technologies and techniques for operating a business in the Internet age. I soon founded my own software company and served as CEO for three years before joining United Devices, a player in the cutting-edge world of Grid computing and in silico drug discovery, as the VP of Marketing and Business Development. I currently reside in Austin, Texas and a second novel is underway.

About the novel

Leapfrog was started during business school in 1995 as an outlet from case studies and financial statements. During this time, my father was diagnosed with a rare form of prostate cancer. Eight months later, he was gone. Through difficult times, the novel was finished but a business career was already in full swing. For the next eight years, several drafts were completed and then stored away and forgotten.

Why give the profits to charity?

donateThe world in which I operate demands efficiency at all costs and taking at the expense of others as a way of life. Losing perspective is easy when the parking lot is full of BMWs. My greatest fear is to pass through this earth and time without making the world slightly better than before. I crave to feel what it’s like to make an enormous sacrifice and receive nothing in return. I want to do good for the sake of doing good. And I hope others will follow.

Who receives the proceeds?

Every dollar above the cost of the book goes to the National Foundation for Cancer Research for either cancer or Alzheimer’s research projects. Readers can make their own choice at the time of purchase, and also make an incremental donation.

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