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My dear friend,

First, let me say thank you for reading this letter. I will do my best to make it short and to the point. My hope is that you will know me by the time you are finished reading. I have included my real contact information below so that you know this is not another chain letter hoax.

I wrote a novel over the course of some estimated 6,000 hours and nearly eight years. The book is called Leapfrog and it is a corporate thriller that takes place in the cutting-edge world of drug discovery. At the time I started the book, I was pursuing an MBA in Austin, Texas and my father was suffering from a rare and aggressive form of prostate cancer. Eight months later, he was gone.

Part of my recovery was losing myself in a fast-moving business career for Dell Computer, a company on a rocket ship ride in the late 90’s. I even ran my own software start-up for several years. Weeks would come and go fist fighting for further efficiency and taking at the expense of others as a way of life. At times I wondered if I even had the ability to selflessly give anything to this world.

Despite the grueling and lengthy effort, I decided to wrap up my expertise, my heart and this book and give all of the profits to charity and get nothing in return. I don’t want to pass through this earth and time without doing something, no matter how small, which leaves the world around me slightly better than before.

Every book will be signed. Every email returned. I hope that you will enjoy a copy and support me in donating the funds to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. These are the folks who can really make this world a better place. I am just a normal guy, looking into his own heart, trying to do something positive for this world. And I need your support, right now, to help make that a reality.

Thank you for continuing to send this message along.

Kirch P. Andrews

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